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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big Surprise: Northwest Nice--And Early!

No, I can't believe it, either. It is not my usual experience on Northwest frankly. That is, for four flights in a row to be early, and for every flight attendant and gate agent to be nice--GENUINELY nice. But that's what happened.

It made me feel better about having to spend $840.20 just to fly from Indy to the Motor City to Marquette, back to Detroit, and finally back to Indy. I felt almost like I got my money's worth--almost.

When I realized NW was my best choice to go to Marquette and make stops through Detroit, I steeled myself for poor morale, frowns, late flights, and indifferent service. None of which happened.

Example: On my flight back to Indy this noon at DTW, the gate agent apologized profusely that she had no first class seats left to upgrade me to (I am a Platinum), and blocked the entire starboard 3-seat exit row just for me (seats 9DEF on that A319 - I sat in the middle seat feeling like a king). Just as the door was about to close, the agent came to my seat and quietly asked if I wanted to move to First. She'd had a no-show up front. I decided to stay put with the entire row to myself, but I was very touched that she would do that--far beyond the call of duty, and quite a nice thing to do given the chronically sour labor relations at Northwest.

The little things like this trip, and the nice FAs on every NW flight this itinerary, salve a lot of psychic wounds from previous horrible flights (see many past posts). Bravo, Northwest! Thank you very much, and please, PLEASE keep it up.


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