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Monday, August 28, 2006

I Hate It When Everything Goes Right On A Day When Logic Would Dictate Otherwise

Just kidding...mostly. I don't really hate it; in fact, I LIKED it. But I cannot quite understand it. Here's what happened:

This morning, a Monday, I flew American Eagle from Raleigh to Columbus, Ohio, connecting once again (as many times before) through LaGuardia. Because of heavy rain in the New York area, I fully expected both flights to be late.

Didn't happen: Both flights were on time, even with low ceilings going into LGA and long lines on the rainy tarmac waiting to take off when departing.

Thank you, AA and ATC.

I checked my Dopp kit with my toiletries at RDU and carried aboard everything else, and thus I expected delays at TSA checkpoints while they combed through my carry-on to be sure I had no liquids secreted somewhere.

Didn't happen: I had no problems and breezed through at RDU and a second time at LGA (my AA plane arrived at gate D1, and my Columbus flight left from C3, requiring me to leave concourse D and re-enter security at LGA's concourse C).

Thank you, AA and TSA.

When I arrived at CMH, I walked directly from my gate to the luggage belt to collect my Dopp kit, expecting a long delay.

Didn't happen: To my happy surprise, it was just coming around on the belt as I got there. That was 12 minutes after my plane blocked in. 12 minutes!

Thank you, AA. For a change, everything went right.

So, if it can happen today, why not most flights? Why must this be an anomaly? So many things went right today all at once that this gives me hope. Who knows; maybe it's the start of a trend.


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