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Friday, August 25, 2006

First "No Liquids" Flights Not As Bad As Feared

My family of four returned home this week from Montana to Raleigh and entered the Billings airport with great trepidation, as we had a lot of luggage and liquids.

We should not have been worried. Although we always pack, even for family vacations, with 100% carry-on, this time we checked most everything through, and getting through security was about the same as always.

Of course there was the random gate check at Billings, which we somehow avoided. Strangely, there was no random gate check at Salt Lake City, our connection point.

On arrival at RDU at 11:15 PM, several hundred Delta customers from 4 different inbound flights all converged on the single luggage belt at the same time, and I steeled myself for a very long wait. I figured Delta ramp personnel closing in on midnight on a Wednesday would be thin. So I was pleasantly surprised when all four of our checked pieces came off in 27 minutes. (Thanks, Delta.)

Bottom line is that this wasn't such a bad experience. Whew!


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