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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

“Take Five At LAX”

That’s the way Delta proudly marketed the grand opening of its LAX Terminal 5 rebuild in 1987, almost twenty years ago. It was bustling then, the terminal was spit-shined and spotless, and the service was grand!

But not so long ago I was at Delta’s Terminal 5 at LAX waiting for my red-eye on DL to CVG, and I couldn’t believe the contrast. Terminal 5 is dead these days, practically a ghost town compared to Delta’s glory days in 1987.

The world seemed brighter then. Once I rubbed shoulders with Ray Charles getting on a flight (and, no, I didn’t wave to him like “W” did). I shared another flight to ATL with the absolutely gorgeous and petite Jane Fonda in those years. And with John McEnroe and many others.

And the service was genuinely warm and sincere—that old traditional Delta service.


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