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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AA’s Tactic To Hide Delays

Anyone but me notice that American Airlines uses a shell game to cover up what are called creeping delays?

It goes like this: Say a flight is scheduled to leave at 6:00 PM, but that for whatever reason the flight is 45 minutes late. AA’s gate times will show the scheduled six o’clock departure only until it makes the first announcement of the delay. After that it will show 6:45 PM as the departure, with no mention of the original time.

If the plane gets even later, say to 7:00 PM, then they slip it again, but this time reference the “scheduled” departure time as 6:45 PM instead of the published scheduled departure of 6:00 PM. It makes the delay look better than it really is.

The same ploy is used with AA’s automatic electronic telephone alert calls.


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