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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tahiti Trip Commentaries

My family and I are frantically trying to pack and prep for our departure early tomorrow morning for Los Angeles and then to Tahiti. We get up at 4:00 AM, always a treat with young children in tow. Their bodies rightfully scream "SLEEP!" to them when you try to rouse them at such an ungodly hour.

You know how it goes when you are leaving for the final two weeks of the year: There are bills to be prepaid, pets to be put in the care of friends, last minute Christmas cards and gifts to be sent, and end-of-year school work to be finalized with the kids to keep the teachers on your side.

And oh, yeah, almost forgot about all that nasty packing for two adults and two young children for a tropical environment, including clothing for the tropics, swimwear, snorkeling and diving accoutrements, various medications, and so on and so forth. We never check our bags, either, so everything's gotta fit into requisite underseat/overhead suitcases, too.

Then there are the passports, ticket receipts, preprinted boarding passes, little plastic bags for the gooey wet stuff TSA wants to see separately, hotel and car rental reservation receipts (just in case), resort vouchers, airport transfer vouchers, DVDs to keep the kids from being bored (will be played in my notebook), GPS for navigating around Los Angeles the first couple of days, and--well, good grief, where are we going to PUT all this stuff??!! We're gonna need a bigger BAG! It's no WONDER I don't have time to post anything on my blog!

In previous posts I described the trip planning and information about Air Tahiti Nui, the carrier that will fly us from LAX to Papeete. I will be writing intermittent commentaries on our adventure as it unfolds, first from Los Angeles and environs, and then, hopefully, from Tahiti, if the Moorea Pearl Resort comes through on its promise of wifi.

Gotta go! We can't find the kids' swim fins! Next report from L.A.


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