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Thursday, July 05, 2007

AA Eagle Gives Free Stuff To Executive Platinums

Well, I'm on vacation this and next week with my family on the North Carolina Outer Banks, so I'll make this brief. The sun and surf await here at Topsail Island! Also waiting are the shrimp and soft-shell crabs that I must cook for lunch.

It's been an unusual first half of summer for me, punctuated by three weeks of vacation, all occurring coincidentally just at the right time to avoid the worst of June's air travel madness and early July's airline miseries. True, I have the second half of summer to endure on the road, but that's a worry for later. I can be stoic then. Today I relax on the beach.

And with my feet buried in the sand as I sit under the sunshade I erected on the beach, I find myself pondering a small wonder of sorts that happened to me recently aboard a typical American Eagle ERJ en route to Raleigh, namely, a witty flight attendant (from Boston) with a marvelous positive attitude and a sunny disposition. Why do I reflect on this while otherwise "switched off" on the ocean? Because it's so rare these days!

God bless that nice woman flight attendant on my June-something flight to Raleigh. Her happy nature and sincere commitment to customers was a tonic to us all. It made up for a lot of unpleasant experiences on other Eagle flights (AE, take note). I only wish I'd had the presence of mind to get her name so that I could write AA a complimentary letter.

But enough musing. Here's the punch line that comports with this week's headline:

The exceptional American Eagle FA mentioned above assured me that I never had to pay for either my alcoholic beverages or my snacks while on board any AE flight. Why? Because I am an American Executive Platinum. Eagle has a policy, she said, of making drinks and snacks complimentary to Exec Platinums.

Whe knew?

Certainly not me. I learned this only because I was homebound and, on a whim, asked for a beer and some nuts. I never before ordered alcohol or a for-sale snack on an Eagle flight. When I tried to pay, this wonderful flight attendant wouldn't take my money. Instead, she showed me a memo from her management that clearly stated that Executive Platinums get a free ride on booze and food while aboard Eagle flights. And I wanted to share these glad tidings.

While this is good news for all us EPs stuck on Eagle, I wonder why free stuff isn't available when flying aboard mainline AA flights in coach. Anybody out there know?


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