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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Amazing String Of Good Luck

Last week and this week (so far) I have been on 13 flights. They were on Continental (2), Northwest (3), American (7), and Delta (1) between and among airports in Raleigh, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Duluth, Madison (WI), Marquette (MI), and Atlanta. All but one have operated within 30 minutes of their schedules--a new record string of good luck in my air travels recently. The one that didn't was delayed by Chicago snow.

I do not know why the Fates have graced me with this relief from the usual pain, but I am very grateful, and quite amazed, frankly. Long may this trend last!

Northwest Club At O'Hare Is A Hidden Jewel

Connecting from an AA flight to a Northwest flight in O'Hare last week I stumbled upon the NW ORD World Club for the first time in many years. I was amazed its size and what a wonderful sanctuary its space is. The club looks out onto the tarmac with lots of glass and curves gently around with several thoughtful room divisions. Ample desks-cum-cubicles are provided for quiet work areas. Staff were numerous and quite anxious to serve.

All in all, it was a very nice experience, and I was able to be productive as I waited for my on-time Northwest flight to the Twin Cities.

I often use Delta's ORD Crown Room (L Concourse), which also has friendly & helpful staff, but the Delta club doesn't seem nearly as spacious, nor is it designed as well as the NW World Club.

Duluth Airport Provides Free Wifi & Boasts The Afterburner Cafe

My first-ever passage through the Duluth Airport last week was a rewarding experience. I discovered great latte available at the Afterburner Cafe just before entering the tiny TSA security gamut--and I don't even particularly like coffee.

While sipping my hot cup of Joe I noticed signs announcing a free wireless available throughout the airport, so I opened my laptop and was able to work through 40-odd overnight emails that othewise would have waited until much later in the day (this was prior to receiving my aircard, which promises to unshackle me forever from dependence upon wifi, about which more later).

Thus Duluth joins the ranks of a few mainly small airports like Fargo and Marquette, Michigan that provide complimentary wifi, and I sincerely thank the Duluth airport authority for the free service.

By the way, personnel throughout the airport were genuinely friendly and courteous, including the TSA staff, and their attitude made traveling through Duluth a breeze.

Too bad the wind chill caused by the breeze outside the structure was well below zero, but that's another story.


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